San Luis Rey Watershed

Septic System Rebate Program

  Please refer to the Septic System Rebate Rules for further information.

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Septic System Rebate Rules

Permitted Septic Contractors

Septic Pumper List


Please note, effective February 7, 2019, the rebate program is now closed as all available rebates have been exhausted


Program Area

The Septic System Rebate Program Area is located within the San Luis Rey Watershed. The San Luis Rey Watershed is located in the northwestern corner of San Diego County, encompassing approximately 562 square miles. The San Luis Rey River, which flows east to west, stretches over 55 miles from its headwaters in the Palomar and Hot Springs Mountains before discharging in the Pacific Ocean near the City of Oceanside’s Harbor. If you are unsure if your property is located within the San Luis Rey Watershed, you can enter your address here, or you can contact Paul Keane at (760) 728-1332 or